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Physik by Angie Sage

 I think that this book is interesting because Septimus Heap was taken back 500 years from his time. He is only there 2 days in his time but in that time, he is there for 6 months. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes an adventure or has read Harry Potter and liked it.

Reviewed by Madelyn


My Secret Unicorn “Dreams Come True” by Linda Chapman

 I really liked this book because it was magical. I would recommend this book to any one who likes magical things. Its about 2 kids who have horses but one of the horses turn into a unicorn. So by this point its just a fairy tale!!

Reviewed by Zoe, age 8

Magyk by Angie Sage

  I liked this book because it was adventurous and magical. It’s about a family of 6 children, all wizard boys, whose father finds a baby girl in the snow on the night the seventh son of the seventh son is born. And dies?

Reviewed by Madelyn

The Spiderwick Chronicles: The Wrath of Mulgarath by Tony Diterizzi and Holly Black


I really liked this book.  It was exciting, adventurous, and interesting.  I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good adventure.
It was about 3 children who live in a sketchy mansion. Their trying to find some goblins who stole their great grandfathers field guide. So its one BIG mystery . . .

Phoebe, age 12

Okay For Now by Gary Schimdt

okay for now

I loved this book! It’s in 1968 about the time when man first stepped on the moon. Doug just moved to a new town and hates it. He gets a job there and slowly begins to like the town. He has to deal with his brother coming back from war and his other brother going to jail. But by the end of the book he loves the town and has a lot of friends. It’s a really sweet story but kind of sad at the end. The book kind of revolves around these pictures of birds in a book at the library, how certain people are like the birds, noble, shy etc. I really liked this book and I think a lot of other people would like it too.

Elisabeth, age 14

The Night Fairy by Laura Amy Schlitz

the night fairy

I like the pictures.


Star Wars by Eric Stevens

star wars

I love Star Wars so I loved the book.